ISLAMABAD Chairman PTI, Imran Khan, has expressed his strongest condemnation of the fresh wave of drone attacks on North Waziristan Agency on Tuesday, 11 May, and demanded of the Government of Pakistan to take immediate steps to stop them. He stated that these attacks were killing innocent Pakistani citizens and were not being targeted at so-called militants at all. If, as the Government and US believe, the drones were killing militants, there would have been no militant left in the tribal belt, he added. Imran demanded that an independent inquiry should be conducted each time whenever there was a drone attack and the media must be provided access to the site of the attack so that the truth could be established. He raised some pertinent questions relating to the legality or otherwise of the drone attacks: Firstly, where does international law allow extra-judicial killings and that too by one state against the citizens of another state in latters own territory? Secondly where is a provision for mass killings under international law? Thirdly, under what international law or agreement is the US violating the sovereignty of another state, especially in this case of Pakistan? Fourthly, how can a state simply eliminate mere 'suspects by indiscriminate bombing? Surely in all civilised states, a 'suspect is innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. Imran expressed fear that these drone attacks were resulting in continuous loss of innocent Pakistanis lives and if they were not stopped, they would result in more suicide attacks. He pointed out that the US strategy in FATA had failed because the fight against militancy and terrorism was a fight for hearts and minds and the US had not been able to achieve this because of its focus on a military-centric strategy. In fact, as a result of US policies in this region, anti-American sentiments have increased across the FATA.