LAHORE - Nazim-e-Ala Min-haj-ul-Quran Dr Raheeq Ahmad has said that the country has fallen victim to political and economic crises due to clash of institutions. It is responsibility of the government to implement the decision of the Supreme Court in letter and spirit, he said while responding to various questions after luncheon reception given by the senior students of Minhaj University here on Tuesday. Dr Raheeq said that the ruling elite has made the country and its people hostage. It is essential that national intuitions avoid clash and work within their constitutional domains. Both the government and opposition share responsibility to resolve peoples problems, he said. He said that the governments silence on the NRO verdict would have lethal implications for the country. He warned that a mix of loadshedding, unemployment and corruption was threatening the system but the rulers seemed to have different priorities. He said the oppositions silence over lack of governance was equally condemnable. If the problems were not resolved at the earliest, the flood of public anger would sweep everything away, he said.