The vibrant lawyers of Federal Capital boycotted court proceedings to mark May 12 as Black Day. Despite the passage of three years, the May 12 2007 bloodbath is yet to be investigated and properly as several FIRs and petitions have been lodged at different police stations and courts but no significance outcome has come. Islamabad Lawyers boycotted court proceedings after a scheduled call by the Bar Association to commemorate the May 12,2007 mayhem in Karachi. The Lawyers Community who were wearing black bands in their address termed May 12 as Black Day in the history of Pakistan urging May 12 culprits must be punished and arrested but unfortunately present government was not serious in this regard. They demanded government for unbiased probe into the May 12 massacre adding lawyers are committed to unveil the faces behind the tragedy adding it was a day of blood as entire country was soaked in tears.