ISLAMABAD Resuming debate in the National Assembly on Tuesday on the Presidential address to the joint sitting of the Parliament, PPP MNA Nadeem Afzal Chan refuted the statement of the Leader of the Opposition and said nobody is politicising the court but one cannot be stopped if one wants to do so. Responding to an earlier statement of Leader of the Opposition Ch Nisar Ali in the National Assembly, Nadeem said, If I want to politicise the court, no one can stop me. Criticising Nisar for the title 'Meena Bazaar which he had used for the National Assembly, Nadeem requested for the live coverage of the Punjab Assembly session. He added that only the live coverage of the session would disclose how many times the Punjab Chief Minister had attended the session and that was there any 'Meena Bazaar. Demanding accountability of everyone, he urged to bring in the National Assembly the list of those who had taken money from ISI. Replying to another allegation of Nisar, he said that the Core Committee was a part of PPP and not of the government, and PPP, being a democratic party, took decisions after consulting its members. One-man show parties should also follow the PPP, Nadeem remarked. He claimed that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif did not bother to consult others and there were a few cabinet meetings in Punjab. He said the Opposition Leader criticised Presidential speech because President Zardari praised two ministers in it but the President also took the name of President Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He added that PML-N that speaks against US, should arrange press conferences and long marches against United States. I along with half of the PPP members will attend all these events, Nadeem added. He said that the opposition leader could only criticise the President and the government, but he should come up with meaningful suggestions to solve all the issues. However, responding to the PPP MNA, legislators from PML-N including Naseer Bhutta and Raja Asad said that there was no second opinion that the good governance was prevailing in Punjab and its credit goes the provincial government. They were of the saying that it was also on the part of the PML-N that Hamesh Khan was being brought back to Pakistan as a culprit. 'We forced PPP to reinstate the judges, we are with Mian Nawaz Sharif and will remain loyal to our leadership. They said. Taking part in the debate, PPP legislator Yousuf Talpur said that the government would have to take steps to arrest the killers of Benaizr Bhutto. Where is Saud Aziz? Making him just OSD is not enough. He should be arrested and interrogated. People ask me what did you do for the arrest of BBs killers, Talpur said. MNA from ANP Pervez Khan, however, lauded the government for renaming the province and said that it should announce a fund for the people of FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for their sacrifices in war on terror. Earlier, Minister for Labour and Manpower Khursheed Shah moved a motion to resume the Question Hour and calling attention notice from today. However, Deputy Speaker Faisal Kundi asked Khursheed Shah that it was decided in a Business Advisory Committee that the routine proceedings of the House would remain suspended till the debate on the Presidential speech completes. It merits mentioning here that on Monday, Ch. Nisar had criticised the government for suspending the Question Hour and calling attention notice for initiating debate on the Presidential speech. He had also warned the government that PML-N would not attend the Tuesdays session if Private Members Day was again suspended. However, PML-N today was present in the House and it seemed the new decision of the government to resume the Question Hour from today was taken after assuring the presence of PML-N in the House on Tuesday.