It is mind-boggling to see icons of corruption nurtured by the PPP dotted all over our political landscape, making fun of the 'good governance claims of Prime Minister Gilani. Just think of the luminaries sitting in cushy seats of cabinet and the banking sector that are tainted by allegations of massive frauds and shady deals but are still protected by the high and mighty in derogation of Apex Court orders. In Hazrat Umers (R.A.) period, the Governor of Basra was removed on account of just having a bad reputation. No need was felt to carry out detailed investigation to prove the charges against him. These days every charge that is leveled against them is dubbed 'political victimization and brushed under the carpet. Wolves are put on guard the herds of sheep and then allowed to consume them one by one. If you see just the list of resignations in one ministry as a result of misgovernance, you realise why we have become a laughing stock of the civilized world. -DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, May 10.