I must appreciate the patience of our Foreign Minister, Prime Minister and the President. How open-hearted they have been in digesting the insulting remarks of Hillary Clinton about Pakistan being taught a lesson on terrorism. Mrs Clinton made this vituperative attack on our country right after the Times Square incident. The Muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular are now totally sick of these Americans and their dictations which our government so shamelessly welcomes. The Muslims may be afraid of the US the world over but the Americans must realize that every one of us hates them from the bottom of our hearts. The Americans are selfish, cruel and self-centered. And they are open enemies of Islam and its adherents. I wish our Foreign Minister, Prime Minister and President had the courage to give a befitting reply to Mrs Clintons harangue. Sensing the utter weakness of our government, the Americans seem to invent a new demand every other day. In our Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, we have another lackey of the Americans who does his utmost to protect US agents in Pakistan. I wonder whether our rulers are representatives of Pakistan or represent the US. This government has betrayed the people of Pakistan totally. -ABDUL GHAFOOR FATYANA, Sargodha, May 11.