ISLAMABAD (APP) - Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit on Tuesday said Pakistan had been the victim of veto power exercised by permanent members of the UN Security Council. He said this while speaking at a seminar 'Foreign Policy of Pakistan, organised by the QAU Alumni Association at the Department of International Relations Quaid-i-Azam University. We have reservation on the exercise of veto power that has restricted Pakistan to achieve foreign policy goals, he noted. Commenting on Pak-US relations, he said Pakistan had good relations with the US throughout the history but vested interests always dominated mutual ties. Talking on Pak-Russian ties, he said the two countries had so far failed to establish desirable relations because of Indian influence. Responding to a question, he said Japan had been siding with countries with veto powers rather than to support Pakistan when the former exercised their veto power. He also deliberated on relations with Saudi Arabia, China, Middle East, UK and France, saying, We have enjoyed friendly relations with all these countries. They are supporting Pakistan because stable Pakistan is very necessary for the stability and peace of the world. He also talked about Indo-Pak relations, especially after Mumbai attacks and said terrorism was a regional issue and Pakistan was its main victim. Delineating the foreign policy objectives, he said, We want brotherly relations with the Muslim World and peace at national, regional and international level.