LAHORE Enigmatic fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar believes Pakistan cricket cannot afford anymore scandals or controversies and there is an urgent need for the PCB to play a father figure to the players. Shoaib said in a television programme that unfortunately in Pakistan cricket there is a tendency for players and officials to settle scores or wash their dirty linen in public whereas in other countries, such matters were settled privately and internally. Match fixing scandal has hurt us terribly but wasnt Shane Warne also involved in betting but Australia played down the issue. In the IPL, I will not take names but a player tested positive, the matter was played down and he is now playing in the World T20 Cup. Unfortunately in Pakistan there is a tendency to create controversies of everything, he said. The discarded fast bowler pleaded that like in other countries, players needed to be valued. Look what we did to Younis Khan. We need to value our players, the board must also play a father figure to us. Shoaib said people had a real connection with cricket and that is why they reacted to every victory and defeat. But I dont think our cricket can afford anymore controversies. Even if this team returns home without any thing from the World Cup we must not push the panic button, said Shoaib, who would like to see Shahid Afridi continue as captain. We dont have much time now to prepare for coming events and we must not create unnecessary controversies. The fast bowler said since 1993 Pakistan cricket had been caught in a quagmire of controversies and scandals because the concerned people including players tried to settle things in the media and even used the media to resolve issues. Obviously the media has a tendency to also pick sides. I have never been part of any intrigue or groupings in the team but I say our players must also learn to settle things internally. Our board and media must also play down such things, Shoaib said. In 1999 we were on a winning streak I really enjoyed playing in the team and we reached the World Cup final yet after losing the final we were scared at what sort of reception we will get back home. This sort of thing is not good for Pakistan cricket and must be stopped, he said. PCB unveils sponsors for coming season The Pakistan Cricket Board has introduced its major sponsors after signing deals with Worldcall, Mobilink and Pepsi. The sponsored were brought to media during a press conference held at the Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. PCB COO Wasim Bari, Senior manager Worldcall Ehtesham Ahmed, Director Public Relations Mobilink Omar Manzoor, Manager Marketing Pepsi Cola International Agha M. Khan, and GM Marketing PCB Tariq Hakim addressed the press conference. In his comments PCB COO Wasim Bari said: The PCB attaches great value to its sponsors. They have stood shoulder to shoulder with the board despite many challenges that Pakistan cricket has faced. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with all our sponsors. Senior Manager Marketing Ehtesham Ahmed said: Worldcall attaches great importance to its relationship with the PCB. We fully support the efforts of PCB to promote cricket and will continue to work closely with the board in the future. Director PR Mobilink Omar Manzoor stated: Mobilink and PCB have been working together successfully for a number of years to further the cause of Pakistan cricket. Mobilinks commitment to the game remains as strong as ever. We will continue to support the PCB in the future in whichever way we can. Manager Marketing Pepsi Cola International Agha M. Khan said Pepsi has a rich history of promoting cricket over the years. We will be working closely with PCB. Our commitment to Pakistan cricket and the PCB remains as strong as ever and we are confident of achieving more milestones in the future.