SANTIAGO (AFP) A Pakistani man will be charged with violating gun control laws in Chile Tuesday after traces of explosives were detected on his body and belongings during a visit to the US embassy, police said. The suspicious substance was detected when the man identified as Mohammed Said Uf Rejaman, 28, went through a security checkpoint on Monday, prompting embassy staff to notify police. He was arrested on site. Police experts found traces of a TNT explosive derivative on the suspects hands, cell phone, bag and documentation. The man said he did not know where it had come from and he was only at the embassy to renew his visa. He arrived in Chile about three months ago on a visa and had been working at a hotel in the capital. Police have raided his home in downtown Santiago. The arrest came just a week after Pakistani-born naturalised US citizen Faisal Shahzad was pulled off a plane to Dubai and arrested for allegedly leaving a sport utility vehicle rigged to explode in New Yorks crowded Times Square.