LAHORE - Police here on Monday resorted to baton charge on the All Pakistan Clerks Association (APCA) activists who wanted to reach Governors House after stage sit-in outside Punjab Assembly in order to register their protest gainst price-hike and for raise in their alaries. The protesters were beating their chests against the government for not deciding the satisfactory raise in their salaries according to the increasing inflation percentage. However after scuffle with the police, the protesters succeed in reaching the Governors House and there they burnt the effigy of the price-hike to record their strong protest against the deaf ears being given by the government to the demands of the poor government employees who are unable to manage their house budgets and purchase the editbles. The APCA has termed the expected 15 per cent raise in government employees salaries in the upcoming budget a mockery and cruelty as compared to the skyrocketing price-hike in the couutry. The protesters holding banners and placards inscribed with the anti-government were demanding satisfactory raise in their salaries as per hike in inflation and they demanded the President of Pakistan Asif Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to fulfil their promise of increasing the salaries from the January, 2010. Addressing the protesters the representatives and leaders of the APCA said that Prime Minster and President both should not back out of their promise of raising the salaries of the government employees from the January, 2010. They condemned the behaviour of the government for not giving the considerable raise to the government employees in their salaries on every budget, adding every fiscal year the employees had to stage protest demonstrations for acceptance of their demands. The APCA rejected the expected 15 to 20 per cent raise in the salaries to be announced in the upcoming budgets, adding that government should also provide the raise in salaries as it provided raise to the police, judiciary and army from January, 2010. The APCA leaders said that government should announce the raise in salaries in the upcoming budget according to the increased dearness otherwise on 3rd June government employees of 128 districts of country would encircle Parliament House, Islamabad till the acceptance of their demands.