LAHORE The Punjab government is in the process of preparing its departments for bracing themselves up for adopting the subjects of the concurrent list of the constitution, devolved to the provinces after the passage of the 18th amendment. In this regard, responsibilities have been divided among various departments, which are said to be in the process of preparation to adopting more subjects. A source confided that Rules of Business 1974 would be amended as per the requirement, while the existing laws could be also considered as such. However, the government is yet to take stock of the changed scenario in totality. As per the documents, 41 subjects are to be transferred to the Punjab, and they are to be assigned to different provincial departments. For Law and Parliamentary Affairs Dept, civil procedure (including the law of limitation) and actionable wrongs (Torts) are to be adopted. The Home Dept will further take care of Public acts and records of judicial proceedings, marriage and divorce infants and minors adoption, Arbitration, removal of prisoners and accused persons from one province to another, preventive detention, persons subjected to preventive detention under the Federal authority, measures to combat certain offences committed in connection with matters concerning the federal and provincial governments and the establishment of a police force for that purpose, arms, firearms and ammunition, and explosives. The provincial Health Dept has to further look after the opium (so far as regards cultivation and manufacture), drugs and medicines, poisons and dangerous drugs, prevention of the extension from one province to another of infections or contagious diseases or pests affecting men, animals and plants (to be share by the Agriculture and Livestock Depts as well), and mental illness and retardation, including places for the reception or treatment of the mentally ill and retarded. The Board of Revenue will have adjustments for wills, intestacy and succession, trusts and trustees, transfer of property, duties in respect of succession to property and estate duty in respect of property. The Planning and Development Board will be further looking after contracts. Bankruptcy and insolvency, administrators general and official trustees and unemployment assurance will be handled by the Finance Department, whereas the Auqaf Dept will have to handle the Auqaf affairs independently sans any interference from the federal govt. Environmental pollution and ecology have to be looked after by the Environment Protection Dept. Population planning and social welfare have been devolved to the Population Welfare and Social Development Depts. Welfare of labour, conditions of labour, provident funds, employers liability and workmens compensation, health insurance including invalidity pensions, old-age pensions are to be shared by Labour and Finance Depts, while the former will also look after trade unions, industrial and labour disputes, the setting up and carrying on the labour exchanges, employment information bureaus and training establishments, and regulation of labour and safety of mines, factories and oil-fields (along with Mines and Mineral Department). The Transport Dept will look after the shipping and navigation on inland waterways as regards mechanically propelled vessels and the rule of the road on such waterways; carriage of passengers and good on inland waterways, and lastly mechanically propelled vehicles. The Information, Culture and Youth Affairs Dept will have a huge responsibility to share since it has to further take care of newspapers, books and printing presses, ancient and historical monuments, archaeological sites and remains, production, censorship and exhibition of cinematograph films. The Education Dept will be further burdened with curriculum, syllabus, planning, policy, centres of excellence and standards of education and Islamic education. Zakat and tourism have been given under the Zakat and Usher, and Tourism and Resort Development Depts.