ISLAMABAD - President PML-Q (Likeminded) Saleem Saifullah Khan while terming the parliamentarians with fake degrees as culprits of the nation urged the government to take firm action against those who were damaging the countrys image at the international level. Chairing the party meeting on Tuesday, he said that if a parliamentarian is found guilty of a major crime, law cannot not be implemented on him, while if a common person commits minor crime, he is punished for six months. The meeting was attended by member Steering Committee Lala Nisar Muhammad Khan, Faqeer Hussain Bukhari Central Vice President, Ajab Gul Surani, Acting Secretary Information, Dr Tasneem-ul-Hq, Atif Muhyu Din and other members of the party. Saifullah said that law should be the same for parliamentarian as well as common person to win the trust of the nation and improve the country image at international level. Talking about the formation of new provinces, he said the government should announce Hazara a separate province and a commission should be constituted to carry out extensive working and under the light of that commission suggestions, the formation of new provinces in the country should be brought about which would directly strengthen federation. He said corruption had deep roots in our system of governance, which had greatly affected our national image at international level. He said that accountability, good governance, transparency, rule of law and freedom of expression are the basic elements of democracy, however, we see none of the mentioned element in our democratic system. He warned that if the Hazara problem was not resolved peacefully, the construction of Skardo Dam could be delayed due to the threats of the people of Hazara. He strongly criticised government that according to the Constitution, the census should be completed in 2008, instead, half of 2010 has passed and the census is yet to be start. He also criticised the government for not holding local bodies election delayed for the last five months. He said that rule of law, accountability, good governance and transparency were the basic elements of democracy. He urged the government to root out corruption from all the government institutions to improve our image at international level.