ISLAMABAD - The Senators on Tuesday, while debating on the Presidential address to the joint session of the Parliament, urged the Government to form a Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Senate and ensure proper implementation of 18th Amendment. Senator Haroon Akhtar on a point of order said either the Senate should form its own Public Accounts Committee or it be given due representation in the PAC of National Assembly to examine the current audit report of Auditor General of Pakistan for the Audit Year 2009-10. He was of the view that according to the 18th Amendment, it was the collective responsibility of both the Houses of the Parliament to ensure transparency as well as hold accountability of public sector departments. Mian Raza Rabbani while responding said that the matter was discussed in the meetings of Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms (PCCR) but could not reach a consensus over Senates representation in PAC. However, no suggestion was under the discussion for constituting a separate PAC for Senate, he apprised the House. The Chairman of the Senate said that matter would be discussed in the ongoing session. Earlier, Senator Abdul Malik while commenting on the Presidential address said that corruption in the country had touched the highest points since the PPP-led government came into power. If we separate accountability with democracy, nothing would exist, as both were one and the same thing, he said. He remarked that the mismanagement on the part of the Government would pave way for another dictatorship and the incumbent Government would be responsible for that. Salim Saifullah also viewed that corruption in the country was at its highest point while the Government was busy making advisors who held fake degrees. He advised the Government to ensure good governance as well as accountability and sack its corrupt ministers. The Government should decrease interest rate to encourage the business community, as the whole world had lowered interest rates up to zero percent in the current economic recession, he said. He supporting the creation of new provinces said, You will hardly find out a single example in the world that a lone federating unit consists of 60 percent part of the country. Senator Tahir Hussain Mushahdi demanded maximum provincial autonomy, saying that 18th Amendment was the right step towards it but was not being implemented in true letter and spirit. He said that President in its speech had given indication of stabilised economy despite the fact that Government was increasing electricity, gas and petroleum prices on monthly and quarterly basis. He called the intention of the House towards human rights violation, saying that children and women were maltreated by police personnel. He suggested that Government should spend a reasonable amount of money on health and education sector from its budget. Prof Ibrahim on a point of order said that Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was busy sacking Islamiat teachers without giving them time to explain their position. He also apprised the House that mobile services had been suspended in Bannu since 17th October 2009 and now the same problem was with Lucky Marwat and DI Khan. He threatened to stage a walkout from the House permanently if the problem was not solved at the earliest. Chairman Senate Farooq H Naek asked the Leader of the House, Syed Nayyar Hussain Bokhari, to seek a report about the issue soon.