Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s invitation to Imran Khan for a cup of coffee seems an invitation too late! It is agreed that mutual coordination among political leaders is necessary for progress and prosperity but this invitation comes at a time when Khan has offered resistance to his government. It seems strange that PM offers the leader of PTI a cup of tea while arresting his workers! Is the cup of tea for a better Pakistan and its development or just a trap for Khan or a political gimmick to complete his last five years? For the last three days power outages have been virtually minimized in twin cities which begs the question if it is meant to soothe the nation? Will the decreased power outage remain constant after May 11, 2014? I feel the ‘cup of tea’ is a trap and the decreased power outage will last only till May 11, 2014 protest and after that we will see the same problems again.


Islamabad, May 10.