Our government is still not providing education to the masses. The contribution by this sector is not worth mentioning. The government run organisations have taken on the hue of a dead force; there are dead schools (with no students or teachers) apparently existing only on paper. The government schools in rural areas have become private properties and the teachers work in private schools in cities, while drawing salary from the government, with no checks and balances, we can see our children deprived of this basic right. Where there are schools, they have no amenities, such as rooms, chairs, tables or even teachers! Most of the funds allocated to education sector find their way into the pockets of corrupt people. The education sector also suffers from being divided into different education systems as well as into several different boards. I would like to request our government to become serious in this regard as it is effecting our future generations. If our society improves it would automatically help our country to move towards success and prosperity.


Karachi, May 9.