The other day I went out for lunch with some friends to a renowned restaurant. It was lavish with all the qualities such as excellent food, pleasant ambiance, and quick service including free Wi-Fi. While we waited for food, my friend asked the waiter if there was a place to offer prayers. The reply “Sorry ma’m, we have no room for prayers,” left my friend feeling disappointed. This really disturbed me, as a Muslim we have to offer prayers five times a day, it is a compulsory act, so why is it that places in Pakistan, such as this restaurant, did not have a proper place for prayers for females?

This expensive restaurant offered everything, free Wi-Fi, background music but no room for prayers! Isn’t that why we wanted a separate country so that we would have a place to worship and should not that be a priority, or is music and free Wi-Fi more important to us? Have we fallen short of a place to pray? Not merely the restaurants but in other places too, such as Shopping Malls and huge stores like Hyperstar, where there are thousands around the clock? Are things like free wireless internet and music more important than prayers?


Lahore, May 10.