Rawalpindi-The City District Government has apparently failed to get its price list implemented in open markets as the retailers are selling daily use items at higher rates during Ramazan.

Though the CDGR reviews the prices and issues a new rate list on daily basis for both Ramazan Sasta Bazaars and open markets but the writ of government is not seen in the markets.

The consumers have appealed Commissioner Rawalpindi Division Judat Ayaz and Deputy Commissioner Chaudhry Ali Randhawa to direct the market price committees and special price magistrates to carry out raids in the open market to get the price lists implemented.

A survey conducted by The Nation in various markets on Saturday revealed that retailers were making profit of Rs10 to Rs50 on edibles including fruits, vegetables, pulses, ghee, cooking oil, cold drinks, meat, chicken, yogurt, milk and other items.

In the open market, potatoes are being sold at Rs30 to Rs35 per kilogram against the fixed rate Rs20-22 mentioned by the district government in the price list. In several markets, the price of 1 kg onion is being charged Rs70 instead of the government’s fixed rate Rs50. Similarly, every vegetable is available at Rs80 to Rs100 per kg against the official prices ranging from Rs40 to Rs70. Milk and yogurt are available at Rs100 and Rs110 per kg respectively against the official price list. Meat and mutton are also being sold at Rs 500/550 and 900/1000 per kg respectively against the official prices Rs 350/375 and 790 per kg fixed by the government.

“All the vegetables, fruits, meat and mutton are getting out of reach of common man as the DCGR has failed in controlling the prices of the commodities in open markets,” said Nazim Ahmed, a consumer. He said that price hike had badly affected the lives of people in Ramandan.

Another consumer Shehzad Shah said that the working class, especially low salaried group, was facing lot of problems to make both ends meet. He said that grains had become a precious item. “Gone are the days when ‘daal’ was the main food of the poor and middle class people but now prices of pulses have surged up to Rs 180 per kg,” he said.

A senior official of CDGR told The Nation that the Commissioner and DC had passed directions to special price magistrates to conduct surprise visits in the open markets and to implement the price lists. He said the government would force the shopkeepers and the retailers to follow the fixed price lists or else action would be taken against them. He said DC, ACs and SPMs have also been imposing fines on profiteers and hoarders.