LOS ANGELES - Kylie Jenner has splashed out $50,000 on two bags.

The 21-year-old make-up mogul visited the vintage accessories store What Goes Around Comes Around NYC, where she purchased a Louis Vuitton Multicolor Monogram Mink Fur Bum Bag for $24,500 and the 1996 Vivienne Westwood for Louis Vuitton Monogram Bum Bag, according to PEOPLE.

Kylie is so proud of her handbag collection that she even enlisted Martyn Lawrence-Bullard to create a special closet to hold them. Speaking previously, he said: ‘’There is a huge closet for her regular everyday clothes. Then she has a workout closet which is strictly for workout clothes. And then obviously there is a purse closet that is dedicated to her collection of incredible bags.

‘’There are at least 400 bags, mostly Hermès, lots of Birkin bags and then Louis Vuitton, lots of Chanel and some Dior and Fendi.

‘’Lots of them are collector’s items. She’s bought some as investments and they’re treated like works of art.’’ Kylie can afford to splash out on luxury handbags as she was recently named the world’s youngest self-made billionaire.