LAHORE-A video in which actors Saboor Aly and Saheefa Jabbar Khattak seem to make fun of the work of a window cleaner has gone viral, with fans criticizing actors for their manual labour mockery.

Saboor Aly can be heard making jokes about the man along with fellow Jabbar in a now-deleted video posted on her account. “His mother had better dreams for him when he left his house,” Aly can be heard saying in the video.

Another actor that can also be seen in the video, Affan Waheed, seemed a little uncomfortable with the mockery and tries to deflect the situation, saying the man is working hard.

“Disgusted to see this. In which parallel moral universe do such people live? The woman laughing is a disgrace to herself, her upbringing, value and social class. The man cleaning her window stands exalted in contrast with his dignity in labour and self. She needs to apologise,” wrote Senator Sherry Rehman on Instagram.

Khattak took to Instagram soon after the backlash and did a live session where she clarified that the man in question was not actually a window cleaner but an associate director. “We work with each other for months, where we become a family. There are many inside jokes, a lot of fun on sets,” she said. “We didn’t mean any harm it was just a fun video. Please don’t listen to everything these bloggers who post. And they post everything.” Aly’s clarification of the video came after Khattak’s. In a lengthy post on Instagram, she wrote, “The said window cleaner is actually an associate director (AD) of our play with whom we have worked for months. We share a lot of jokes and funny moments. As outsiders one wouldn’t know but at least give the other person benefit of the doubt before you start writing them off as being guilty.”

She continued, “Nowhere have we called him a window cleaner or made fun of any specific profession.