LAHORE Justice Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court (LHC) will take up today (Friday) hearing of a constitutional petition filed to question extraordinary surge in the sugar prices and government failure to control the same. The petition has been filed on Wednesday last when the LHC office returned it with an objection that certified copies were not attached to it. The petitioner Muhammad Azhar Siddique advocate, removed the objections and re-filed the petition last and the same has now been fixed for preliminary hearing today (Friday). The petitioner submitted that current unprecedented and unchecked surge in the sugar prices had been caused by the evil collusion of the government and the profiteers and the hoarders. He said common man had already been crushed badly under the wheel of price-hike. He said federal and the provincial governments had stuck up in a blame-game leaving the hoarders and the profiteers to mint billions of rupees as the attention of the authorities was not to their activities. He also contended that if the millers and the hoarders did not bring down the sugar price their mills should be nationalised. He also suggested formation of committee of the people from cross section to keep a check on the prices of daily use items.