LAHORE - Religious and political leaders have called upon the government to openly support Kashmiris fighting for freedom from the Indian occupation. They also blamed India for its involvement in terrorism in Pakistan and also for fanning separatist elements in Balochistan. The leaders including Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawwar Hassan, Ameer Jamatud Dawa Hafiz Saeed, columnist Altaf Hassan Qureshi, President Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) Mian Abdul Quddus, Senior Vice President Hurmate Rasool (SAW) Committee, LHCBA Sardar Mohabbat Ali Dogar, Jamil Faizi advocate and others said this while speaking at a seminar organised by the LHCBA on Kashmir and stability of Pakistan on Thursday. They called for giving response to the US drone attacks by shooting them down which are killing innocent people. The recent visit of the US President Barack Obama, they said, aimed at negating Kashmiris movement. They also demanded of the parliamentarians to put before nation what conspiracies India and America are hatching against Pakistan. They also stressed on the need of a government in Pakistan which tends more to protect interests of the country than that of America. The speakers said that anti-Islamic forces had declared war on the Muslim Ummah and Pakistan being an atomic power, needs to play a pivotal role which it could perform only when it has independence of foreign aid and to form its own policies. They said unity of the nation was the key to achieve that target. Munawwar said, Only Muslims are being declared terrorists by the US and other anti-Islamic forces which have designed policies to make the Muslims weaker and get hold of their resources. He blamed Obama for adopting double standards on Kashmir where he added, Indian forces had unleashed terrorism on innocent people but America, so-called champion of human rights, had closed its eyes. He opposed the US arbitration on Kashmir and said, America always stabbed Pakistan in the back in the guise of a friend. Kashmir struggle had been revived through the spirit of jihad which was needed to take things to their logical end. The only peaceful solution of Kashmir is through implementing the UN resolutions. Munawwar condemned publication of profane caricatures and attempt to burn the Holy Quran and said, these shameful acts were being done by a world which called itself civilised. He said no investigation in the 9/11 incident was carried out and no responsibility for the negligence was fixed on anybody but Musharraf bows before America and accepted its demands. As a result of that today America had penetrated to a threatening extent into our system and culture and if we have to survive we must throw America out of this region. Hafiz Saeed said politics of Pakistan rulers revolved around America and to protect its interests, when there is a fact that America was never sincere to Pakistan. He said America at present was venturing to raise India against Pakistan and China but the fact is that India would never be able to stand against China. He said India had a desire to once again hit and divide Pakistan as it did in 1971 when it infiltrated Mukti Bahni and Indian army in East Pakistan. He also charged India for involvement in bomb blasts in Pakistan. He said the rulers acknowledged Indian terrorism but felt shy of speaking it publicly.