KARACHI - The Sindh Assembly on Thursday witnessed differences and uproar when Provincial Ministers of PPP announced to impose one-time flood surcharge on the rich of the province, which was rejected by their coalition partner MQM. As conflicting statements from both sides on issue yielded, the MQM members walked out of the House in protest. However, lawmakers of the Sindh Assembly came down hard on PPP and its Government alleging that it has not taken concrete measures to control inflation and food items prices. A lot of lawmakers from ruling PPP and opposition benches demanded of the Government to revive the magistracy powers of the Sindh Government officials to control the prices of essential commodities. The House met at 10:00 a.m. with Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro in the chair. After disposing of legislation and other business, the House discussed adjournment motion which was moved by Heer Soho of MQM and the Govt faced embarrassment as MQM lawmakers came down hard on PPP. Concluding the discussion on inflation, Finance Minister for Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah said that previous government did not increase the petroleum and electricity prices, resulting in high circular debt. He admitted that electricity and petroleum prices went high during two and half years rule of PPP, if we did not do this the Pakistan became bankrupt. He said if the Government import sugar, it reaches country at Rs 90 to 95 per kg. The government was giving priority to agriculture sector which has always been neglected in dictatorial rule. He rejected the demand of MQM lawmakers for not fixing the support price for food items, saying, If we did not set support price of wheat, the flour rates in province reached much high prices. The Sindh Finance Minister announced that flood tax would be imposed only on rich people of the province. The bill of one-time flood tax is ready which will be tabled in the Sindh Assembly very soon, however, the rich who have property, should contribute in this tax one-time flood tax for the rehabilitation of the flood affectees people of Sindh. The food items would be exempted of flood tax. In reply to the PPP ministers announcement, Syed Sardar Ahmed of MQM said that we will oppose the additional taxes including one-time flood tax in the province. MQM lawmakers supported their parliamentary leaders reiteration and continued thumping of desk for more than two minutes. However, Law Minister Muhmmad Ayaz Soomro in reply of MQM leaders remarks said that Price and Supply department minister Shoib Bhukhari is belonging to MQM, who is efforting to control the prices. He said that government has formally sent request to Sindh High Court to give magistracy powers to Revenue Officers of Sindh government to control the inflation and essential items prices. He offered to MQM and opposition benches to come forward to pass law to revive old Commissionrate system. He also held responsible to devolution of powers for hike in prices of essential items. Law Minister also reiterated that one should accept or not but PPP Government will impose one-time flood surcharge in Sindh on rich peoples. While, PPP members started thumping in favour of law ministers announcement, which result in MQM members went out of the house. Taking part in discussion on inflation, Opposition leader and PML-Fs parliamentary chief Jam Madad Ali Khan said the peoples government has starting blasts of sugar and patrol bombs against people of Pakistan in from of increasing prices of petroleum products. He said that PPP government did nothing any good thing during its about three year rule on country. He also supported the revival of magistracy powers of the government officers to control the food item prices. Opposition leader held responsible to Present Government for sugar price hike and said that govt has been failed to start crushing of sugarcane on time. MQM parliamentary leader Syed Sardar Ahmed said planning was missing at government level to tackle and control the price hike issue. He said that despite the fact of shortfall in sugar production, the Government did not initiate planning to import sugar timely, adding that governance was also missing at government level. There is nothing any connection in recent increase in petroleum prices with international market, but government took this step to reduce its financial deficit, he added. He demanded that CM should summon provincial Cabinet meeting to discuss inflation issue. If government did not address price hike of essential commodities, than there will be revolution which has already come. Ms Heer Soho of MQM said that 150% increase has been done in inflation during present government, but no concrete steps are visible to curb the price hike. Provincial Minister for Supply and Prices Syed Shoaib Bhukhari of MQM said that government is taking steps to curb prices of essential items, which hopefully come under control within 15 days. Marvi Rashdi of PML-F, Arif Mustafa Jatoi of NPP, Aisha Khoso of PPP, Rafiq Engineer of PPP and others also took part in discussion on inflation.