LAHORE-National Council for Interfaith Dialogue Wednesday, 10th November held a one day seminar on the topic of Philosophy of Love at National Institute of Language, Art & Culture, Lahore. The programme was presided over by Qazi Javed (Director Idara Saqafat-i-Islamia, Lahore), while Dr. Sughra Sadaf (Director Punjab Institute of Language, Art & Culture ) was the chief guest. The speakers included Fr. Francis Nadeem, Dr. Kanwal Feroz, Hussain Majrooh and Prof. Rev.Fr. Samson Dilawar. The seminar aimed at rekindling the spirit of love, acceptance and tolerance among the people which is rapidly diminishing from our society. The Christian and Muslim speakers were unanimous on one point that religious tolerance and respect was the need of the hour. They said that all religions teach harmony, love and humanity and we should avoid religious clashes and promote peace and brotherhood A large number of college and university students attended the seminar along with their teachers and they all appreciated the gesture of NCID.