KARACHI - Hawkish elements in the Sindh Assembly do not see eye to eye with the reconciliation process of President Asif Ali Zardari. They look for an opportunity for confrontation whenever possible. Sindh Law Minister Ayaz Soomro and his hawkish colleagues grabbed such an opportunity during a debate on price hike in the Sindh Assembly on Thursday and confronted MQM senior leader and Sindh Minister Syed Sardar Ahmed during the debate. Sindh Finance Minister Murad Ali Shah, while winding up debate on price hike on adjournment motion tabled by MQM member Heer Soho made veil attack on MQM leader Sardar Ahmed accusing him of fudging figures during the discussion on price hike. The Finance Minister did not stop there and bluntly told the house that the government will impose Flood Tax. His assertion on levying the flood tax was seen as governments response to the speech of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain who had opposed the tax. This was direct challenge to the coalition partner and a strong hint of imposing the tax come what may. The MQM did not take the statement lying down and immediately retorted by saying that it will oppose the tax. The conciliatory and friendly atmosphere in the house suddenly turned tense. Law Minister Soomro added fuel to the fire by saying that those forces nurtured under the shadow of dictatorship were bent upon opposing democracy. He said flood tax will be imposed whether one like it or not. The ruling PPP members loudly thump the desk to endorse the view of their colleague. As he was speaking, the MQM legislators in the hall rose and walked out in protest. Defence of price hike from Peoples Party which has always opposed suppression of the poor was baffling the thoughts and ideas spoken by the PPP members was negation of the high ideals of the founding father of the party, who had always sided with the poor and had always worked for their welfare. Murad Ali Shah has special God gifted qualities. He is a true democrat. When he is in opposition he criticises the Government and when he is in Government, he will berate the Opposition. This unique quality of young Syed from Lakyari was in full display on the floor of the Sindh Assembly. Taking help from a mini computer holding in hand, he challenged every data and figure quoted by the MQM and NPP members. It was literally a declamation contest between PPP and its allies MQM and NPP. The members of the party which came into power while riding on the slogans of Roti Kapra Aur Makan were defending the prices hike on the plea that it is an international phenomenon, which Pakistan cannot escape. The learned lady members from Upper Sindh Rai Naz Bozdar and Ayesha Khoso were of the view the law and order situation in Karachi were the main cause of price hike in the country. Sindh Ministers Agha Taimour and Rafique Engineer Advocate held the devolution plan introduced by Gen Musharraf responsible for prices hike, in which the District Coordination Officer (DCO) was lynchpin of all ill. They suggested that prices would go down automatically if the word O was omitted from DCO, whereby suggesting bringing the magisterial system back in power. Sindh Minister Haji Muzaffar Shujra insultingly called late Gen Zia as one eyed and Namrood who is responsible for all ill in the country. Non-serious mood prevailed in the House and officers gallery was empty.