IT has only been up and running less than 48 hours and already the Queens official Facebook page has been hit by several abusive postings, many about Prince Charles wife Camilla. On Monday, a Facebook page called The British Monarchy was set up to provide up to date information about the Royal family. The page has attracted nearly 200,000 visitors. Some of the members are republican anti-monarchists. It was first reported in Digital Journal that there are many unofficial sites in existence already, but this is the official group. The page which includes Royal news, photos, videos, speeches, and updates on the Queen and her family, also has the usual posting forums. DJ Moderators have already been forced to remove several comments by anti-monarchists, who have clicked the 'Like button in order to leave their abusive comments. Siliconrepublic report that the Queen now has first hand experience of what is like to be cyber-bullied. The Mail Online reports that a particular a number of offensive messages have been posted about Camilla Parker-Bowles with a number comparing her unfavourably with Princess Diana. Currently, incendiary and critical comments can be found in the Comments section of Wall posts, such as videos or photos. The page features the Court Circular - an in depth authoritative record of the previous days official royal engagements. The British Monarchy page now completes a social media revolution for the Monarchy - it already has representations on Twitter and Flickr. DJ