LAHORE - Ulema, Mashaikh and leaders of various religious parties at a seminar here on Thursday vowed to safeguard the Islamic ideological character of the country and its solidarity at all costs and resist every conspiracy to promote secularism, sectarian biases and liberalism. They unanimously declared that the attacks at the shrines, Medrassahs and Imambargahs were a plot against Islam and religious, national harmony. They held that the desecration of the shrines and the killing of innocent worshippers and devotees at the shrines was an open revolt against Islam and the Shariah. The seminar held at Mansoora was presided over by the JI chief, Syed Munawar Hasan. A unanimous declaration adopted at the seminar said that the forces inimical to Islam and Pakistan had made the country an abode of terrorists and saboteurs because of the wrong policies of the rulers, making the life, property and honour of the citizens insecure. With a view to promoting national unity and harmony against sectarianism, the seminar unanimously declared the killings and terrorism in the name of Islam as un-Islamic and condemnable, and dissociated itself from it completely. The seminar also condemned the increasing US influence in the country and urged the rulers and the masses to abandon slavery of the aliens and instead, adopt the slavery of Allah and His beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The seminar called upon the federal and the provincial governments to provide complete security to the life and property of all the citizens without any discrimination and make effective arrangements for the security of the shrines, seminaries and Imambargahs, It demanded stringent punishment for the perpetrators. The seminar stressed upon the rulers to adopt independent foreign and domestic policies based on parliaments unanimous resolution. The seminar participants reaffirmed commitment for creating a common platform of all the religious forces for the security of common religious grounds, the worship places and holy places and for establishing the supremacy of the Quran and the Sunnah in the country. The seminar stressed upon the Ulema, Mashaikh, Madrissahs and the teachers of all the religious sects and schools of thought to promote mutual harmony and love by eschewing hate speech, writings and slogans, and avoid all that could hurt the sentiments of any other sect or school of thought. The speakers at the seminar included Qazi Husain Ahmed, Khwaja Moeenud Din Koreja, Maulana Abdul Malik, Hafiz Aakif Saeed, Syed Haroon Gilani, Pir Ejaz Hashmey, Pir Ghulam Rasul Awaisi, Makhdoom Nafeesul Hasan, Pir Akhtar Rasul, Pir Naseer Ashrafi, Pir Sajid Qadri, Saeen Tufial Chishti, Riaz Ahmed Khan Haideri, Allama Sheikh Abdul Wahid, Allama Muhammad Ayub and Maulana Hafiz Kazim Raza.