Islamabad - Islamabad police have arrested 13 outlaws, including three dacoits, and recovered 2.140 kilograms hashish, 1.030 kilograms heroin, 50 wine bottles, five pistols, snatched mobiles and looted items from their possession, a police spokesman said on Tuesday.

According to details, a team of Ramana police station nabbed three dacoits red-handed from Mira Abadi, sector G-12, when they were planning for a robbery.

They were identified as Amir Shehzad alias Colonel, Ilyas alias Kala and Ejaz. Police have recovered two pistols and ammunition from them.

Industrial area police arrested two street criminals Bashir and Basharat for having snatched mobile phones and other items.

A team of Bani Gala police nabbed Fareed during patrolling for having a 30-bore pistol and Loi Bher police arrested Zeshan for possessing a 30-bore pistol. Shehzad Town police apprehended Bibi for having 1.030 kilograms heroin while Shamsher Khan was nabbed for having a 30-bore pistol.

The CIA police team nabbed three persons identified as Ehtesham alias Shani, Naseer and Mansoor for having a total of 2.140 kilograms hashish and 50 wine bottles.

Meanwhile, a person Nadeem was nabbed for selling petroleum products illegally. Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is under way, the spokesperson said.