LAHORE - Punjab Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar on Wednesday honoured Miss Rabia Faridi of Agriculture University Faisalabad on her achievement for being the recipient of  2014 Global Youth Courage Award and appointment as the Global Youth Ambassador by the UN.  

Sarwar invited Miss Rabia, an M.Sc. Student, at the Governor House and presented her a shield at a function also attended by her teachers and the Vice-Chancellor.

Speaking on the occasion, the governor said that Rabia Faridi was undoubtedly a glaring example of the talent this country has been blessed with by the Almighty Allah. He deplored that unfortunately this talent was being wasted as for most of the time in the history of Pakistan, women had not been provided ample opportunities to pursue their ambitions and improve their abilities for playing their due role in the development of Pakistan.

He hoped that Rabia’s determination and efforts for promoting the cause of women education and their empowerment would prove to be an inspiration for the youth of Pakistan. “Women comprise more than fifty percent of our population, therefore, their role in the development and progress of the country cannot be under-rated”, he remarked, adding that men and women were equal creations of God and to draw any distinction between their potential would be unfair.

Sarwar said women had amply proved their potential in all fields. He also said that every year, top positions in various exams, go to girls and they had made great achievements in almost all fields of life from academia to sports.  

    Governor Punjab congratulated the Vice Chancellor UAF, Dr. Iqrar Ahmed Khan and teaching staff whose hard work and guidance polished the creative abilities of such brilliant and God gifted student.