With winter already knocking at every threshold, Lunda bazaar, -a market of used garments is thronged with shoppers in the city, especially during day time as temperatures are within a benign range now.

Sprawling from Lohari Gate to Doulat Gate Chowk on footpaths, and roadsides, this bazaar attracts middle and lower middle income groups. People buy from a long range of sweaters, jackets, mufflers, caps, pants, shirts, kids garments and many other items at comparatively affordable rates.

“With the rising inflation, it has become next to impossible for limited income groups to purchase ready-made jersey, jackets and other warm items for winter. Though winter is not too harsh in our city but prices of new items are already too high,” said Nasreen Akhtar who was shopping at Lunda Bazaar.

“We try to sell these used items at cheap rates but prices of everything have gone up these days.

People, especially ladies argue a lot with us on prices before buying anything”, said Muhammad Sagheer, a vendor at the bazaar. Lunda items, when unloaded at Karachi are sorted out first. Better quality items are sold at shops while low quality ones at make-shift shops in the bazaar, said Sharif another vendor at the bazaar.

He added that the bales of these sorted out used garments are then dispatched to other cities of the country.

On weekends and Sundays in particular, one can witness great rush of buyers at Lunda bazaar as public come to this site in a hunt for cheap items for winter.

ANTI-POLIO SWOOP: the Sub National Immunization Day (SNID) campaign against polio has entered second day as children up to five year age are being vaccinated in 60 union councils of the district.

Deputy District Health Officer Dr Habibur Rehman told this news agency on Tuesday that the teams would visit high risk population areas during the campaign. He added that all the children in these areas including nomads, brick kiln workers and those hailing from Pakhtun families would also be included. “We will administer the drops to every single children even the guests at anyone’s home during the campaign in the high risk population areas”, Dr Habib informed. He stated that it was not a National Campaign Day (NID) which is meant for the entire country.

He said that among 60 UCs of the districts some UCs of Jalapur and Shujabad were also included where anti-polio drops would be administered.

“We would go for catch-up on fourth and fifth day during the campaign to weed out this crippling disease from the country”, Dr Habib said.