LAHORE - Two brothers slaughtered their 50-year-old mother and two teen stepsisters at their wooden cottage in Township late Monday.

Both the young killers reached the Township police station in the wee hours of Tuesday and disclosed that they killed their mother and stepsisters for “dishonouring the family”.

Asif and Shahzad, who were held by police, informed that the girls were “prostitutes and their mother was running a brothel.”

However, the neighbours said otherwise that the mother was a housemaid in the area.

Fifty-year-old Sughra Bibi, 18-year-old Muqaddas and 16-year-old Amna were lying dead next to each other on charpoys in a pool of blood when the investigators reached. The bodies were moved to the morgue for autopsy.

The lawmen also recovered a sharp-edge weapon from the killers and were further investigating the case.

Initial investigations reveal that the brothers slaughtered the women and her daughters one-by-one, when they were sleeping in their small house located in Sector B-I of Township.

Police sources said that the residents of Pakpattan district, Asif and Shahzad, stayed at their mother’s house on Monday night, where all the three women were slaughtered with a knife.

There were no torture marks or injuries on the other body parts of the deceased except their neck, which indicates that they did not resist the assault, an investigator said.

The police are also investigating whether the woman were poisoned before they were slaughtered. Apparently, it seemed that the women were lying unconscious when they were attacked, he added. Asif, a scrap dealer, told the police that he had no remorse over their act, rather he called the gruesome murders an ‘honour killing.’

“We have no regrets on our actions because they deserved this punishment,” a police source quoted one of the killers as telling the investigators in the lockup.

His brother and co-accused, Shahzad, also told the police that they had previously given warnings to their stepsisters for their alleged involvement in immoral activities. “We also murdered our mother since she was their supporter in such activities,” he added.

Late Tuesday, the police handed over the bodies to the family after their autopsy. The police have registered a triple-murder case, under section 302 of the PPC, against the brothers on their complaint of their stepfather, Shabaan, who had contracted second marriage to Sughra. After the death of her first husband, Sughra had married to Shabaan. She had been residing with her daughters and husband in a small cottage in Township for the last couple of years.

Honour killing incidents in Pakistan have seen an alarming rise in recent times and as much as 900 women were killed last year, in the name of honour.

In May this year, a 25-year-old woman was stoned to death outside the Lahore High Court building by more than two dozen people, including her father and brothers, for marrying against her family's wishes.

In most cases of dishonour killings, culprits escape punishment as they are pardoned by complainants, who happened to be their close relatives.

In the populous Punjab, honour killings are more often based on individual decisions and carried out in private. Mostly, husbands, fathers or brothers of the women perpetrate such murders. The victims range from teenage girls to grandmothers. They are usually killed on the mere allegation of having engaged in ‘illicit’ relationships.