Head of Economic Affairs at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Rick Slettenhaar has said that Pakistan’s agricultural practices need to be modernized swiftly with a view to meet the food demand of its growing population.

He was addressing the opening session of five-day training in Applied Dairy Farm Management in Lahore, organised by Solve Agri & Dairy Institute in cooperation with PTC+, The Friesian and financed by the Netherlands. The training aims to help Pakistani dairy farmers upgrade local practices using practical solutions and international expertise to yield more profitability.

Rick Slettenhaar observed that the Netherlands excels in innovative agro-food technology and has the highest yielding cows in the world. It is also happy to share this knowledge with Pakistan to modernize its dairy future. Especially in the field of dairy management, we can provide the required techniques and expertise to realize the full genetic potential of the world class Dutch Holstein Friesian cow, tremendously raising the profitability of dairy farming, he added.

Addressing the workshop Solve Agri Pak CEO Haroon Lodhi said that the dairy farm management in the modern era has become highly technical and involves scientific processes that need to be learnt and applied appropriately to ensure the success of dairy farming as a commercial business.

Anne Terpstra, the expert on Dutch dairy and main trainer, observed that five-day training will focus on multiple aspects of applied dairy farm management including farm health management, herd conformation and analysis, interpretations of bull catalogues and various other technical aspects of dairy farming.

“This training is all the more pertinent and useful as the Dutch dairy animals, products and services are now accessible in Pakistan, since the resumption of cattle trade between the Netherlands and Pakistan on Friday.”

The participants of the training included farm managers, veterinarians, trainers, extension agents and other selected persons involved in livestock production and dairy development, both in public and private organizations.