ISLAMABAD - To recover from the political setback the party had faced due to its flopped journey with Pakistan Awami Tehrik, the leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid(PML-Q) has decided to hold public rallies across the country to rejuvenate its voters and supporters.

Sources in the party informed The Nation that there was a clear divide in the party on joining the Pakistan Awami Tehrik so-called revolution and sit-in in the federal capital. But the rank and file in the party stood by the decision once the party leadership had decided to go all-out in support of PAT.

Sources further informed that the unilateral decision of Pakistani Awami Tehrik Chief Dr Tahirul Qadri to wrap up the sit-in from the federal capital was taken as a severe blow to the Q-League and their supporters and well wishers were shattered.

These sources said that PML-Q Chief Ch. Shujaat Hussain tried his level best to convince the PAT chief to continue sit-in for another fortnight but Dr Tahirul Qadri paid no heed to his request and wrapped up the sit-in taking the plea that he would take the protest to every city and town of the country. But later he quietly left the country leaving all his allies high and dry. A PML-Q leader informed The Nation that the move had shattered their supporters and well wishers who stood by the PAT activists, right from the starting of their march from Lahore.

Sources said that following the departure of Dr Tahirul Qadri, the PML-Q leadership had held series of meetings with party leadership and in the light of the deliberations of these meetings and discussions on the whole issue it was finally decided that the party would organise big public rallies across the country and would grill the government’s wrong policies.

A senior party leader said that in this way on one hand the disheartened party workers and activists would be engaged in the party activities while on the other hand they would keep their supporters intact by performing the job of real opposition to the government.

These sources further said that the party leadership was giving final touches to the plan and the public rallies would start within the current month.

Sources in the party further said that this exercise would also help them prepare the party for upcoming local bodies’ elections.