ISLAMABAD - After facing criticism from certain political parties over the proposal of inclusion of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) in the proposed judicial commission of SC for investigation of polls rigging, PTI Tuesday again said that it had proposed a joint investigation team (JIT) comprising intelligence agencies to assist the commission.

PTI said that despite a detailed exposition by Chairman Imran Khan on the PTI position on a Judicial Commission to probe the May 2013 election rigging in his Monday’s address, the government is ‘indulging in a dangerous game of misrepresentation’. The party said that Khan in his address clearly stressed the need for the formation of a joint investigation team (JIT) comprising representatives of relevant agencies including ISI and MI.

Information Secretary PTI, Dr Shireen Mazari, in a statement said the PTI Chairman’s statement of the party’s position was clear and had been re-stated in an unambiguous manner by Khan in his Azadi Chowk speech Monday evening.

“An independent Judicial Commission should be formed under the Supreme Court of Pakistan. It should complete its probe and make public its findings within a period of 4-6 weeks.  The said Commission should be assisted in its investigations by a JIT comprising all the relevant agencies including the MI and ISI,” she said while describing the points of PTI chief’s address.

She said that Khan also made it clear that the PTI sit-in would continue during the period of the probe and the PM’s resignation would also not be demanded during the period of the probe.

Mazari said, “It was unfortunate that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, who had led the negotiations from the government side with PTI had now suddenly suffered a severe memory lapse and forgotten that the first three points had already been agreed to by the government and that PTI had accepted their proposal for naming the investigation team as a Special Investigation Team (SIT) instead of a JIT.”

It was also the government that had proposed all relevant agencies including the MI and ISI be made a part of the SIT. It was also the government that accepted a 45-day time limit for the probe completion. Ironically, it was the government that also introduced four military personnel to sit in the negotiations, she reminded.

She said that now suddenly the government and especially Dar seemed to have forgotten their own suggestions and commitments. This revealed that the government was never serious about any negotiated agreement just as it showed its political frivolity when it broke off negotiations when an agreement was in sight.

Mazari asserted that it was factually incorrect for the government to say there was no provision for an Independent Judicial Commission to probe rigging and to be assisted by a JIT/SIT. Perhaps the government needs to do a serious re-reading of the Constitution especially Article 184:3 read together with Chapter 1, Part II and Article 199 of the Constitution, she said.

Mazari also pointed out that the only new addition to the PTI demands was that PTI would continue its dharna during the period of the probe and, as a goodwill gesture reflecting a serious intent to get the rigging probe moving, would not demand the PM resignation during the period of the probe if conducted under an independent Inquisitorial Judicial Commission.

The PTI Central Information Secretary also said it was ironical that some people accepted the role of the military in the conduct of elections and in disaster relief but were hysterical if investigative agencies like the MI and ISI were part of an SIT. It is almost as if they regarded these two national agencies as enemy organizations.

Mazari concluded that the PTI’s demand for an independent Judicial Commission to probe rigging in the May 2013 general elections, assisted by a JIT/SIT comprising all relevant agencies including MI and ISI, was legitimate and constitutional.