Following hot on the heels of its inauguration, a sewerage disposal project completed at a cost of Rs70 million has failed to continue functioning as its pipeline and manhole collapsed.

Siemens, the company which complete the project, received the payment of the project on the recommendation of the government high-ups.

The work at the project to solve the issue of waste water disposal started with laying down of 36-inch pipeline in front of the District Headquarters Hospital. Contract of this project was awarded to Siemens for completion of the project within one year. But it was completed in a many years. the company received 90 percent of their bill during their work on the recommendation of government high-ups and left the project incomplete and did not hand over it the Tehsil Municipal Administration.

When the TMA opened, the pipeline collapsed and the manhole collapsed. The TMA tried to repair the line and the mainhole but to no avail. Resultantly, the roads, streets and houses are overflowing with sewerage. When contacted, TMO Shaukat Majoka said that the admin was unable to repair the line which is 26-feet deep and full of dirty water. However, he said, their team was working day and night to solve the issue.