Rawalpindi - To commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal, different educational institutions organised seminars in the city on Tuesday.

The seminars were attended by educationists, faculty members, students and other notables, who all paid rich tribute to the Poet of the East Dr Iqbal.

According to details, Urdu department of Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) organised a seminar to commemorate the birthday of Dr Iqbal.

The chief guest of the ceremony was Prof Dr Abdul Azeez Sahir, head of Urdu department, Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad. He spoke on Iqbal’s concept of ‘Mard-e-Momin’ and ‘Mard-e-Darwesh.’ Students and faculty members from almost all the departments attended this thought-provoking seminar.

Dr Abdul Azeez said that the idea of a perfect man (Mard-e-Momin) was not unfamiliar. Maulana Rumi was probably the first Muslim thinker who had presented a complete picture of a perfect man.

For Iqbal a perfect man was blend of Ishq (love) and Intellect. Love for humanity is the trade mark for a perfect man. To serve the humanity is a perfect man’s goal. He further said that Iqbal wanted the youth to take part in the prosperity of Muslim Ummah, as the youth could provide the leadership that could lead the nation to the heights of success and progress.

Dr Naheed Zia Khan, dean faculty of arts and social sciences, shed light on Iqbal’s philosophy of ‘Khudi.’ She also discussed various features of Iqbal’s poetry, life and teachings. At the end of the seminar, Dr Na heed Zia Khan gave the university souvenir to the chief guest.

Similarly, Muslim Institute organised a seminar on “Contemporary World Order & Devil’s Possible System in Philosophy of Iqbal” at Government Postgraduat e College for Women, Satellite Town. Renowned academicians, scholars and analysts as well as a large number of students of different colleges and universities participated in the seminar.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Muslim Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali said that Iqbal’s poem ‘The Devil’s Conference’ reflected zenith of Iqbal’s political wisdom in which he had discussed decline of Muslim world and the current world order. All of Iqbal’s predictions made in it proved true. The fall of communism after seventy years proved Iqbal’s predictions as true. Iqbal’s concept of self (Khudi) stands on spiritual basis and the same was the message of Sufis which could protect Muslims’ values. Devil wanted to destroy a Muslim’s relation with Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

Former Secretary General for Foreign Affairs Akram Zaki said that pinnacle of truth and reality is the religion of Holy Prophet (SAWW) and Iqbal was true lover of Holy Prophet (SAWW).

Iqbal wanted youngsters to practice Islam in real sense. “We should avoid self-deception and by leaving myths should play our role for betterment of the society,” he said.

Defence analyst Lt General (Retd) Adul Qayyum said that in the Western system, media and market were free where rich were becoming even richer and poor were becoming poorer. It allowed any kind of trade. Iqbal was against materialism even before Muslim world discovered resources of oil and gas. Iqbal was against free thinking in absence of intellect. Iqbal’s poor friendly thoughts affected the poets afterwards.

Director IRD IIUI, Dr Talib Hussain Sial, said that Western system focuses the freedom of individual whereas communism focuses the overall society due to which it attracts the common man.

Renowned columnist Rana Abdul Baqi said that Western system was dying in front of rising China.

West, which blames Islam that it was spread through power, committed murders in North Africa and Australia and now was committing the same killings in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Without unity of Muslim world, Iqbal’s dream is incomplete, he said. Foreign powers are supporting sectarian violence and they are against Pakistan because its state religion is Islam, he added.

Renowned poet and columnist Ayesha Masood Malik said that youth was the future of the nation. Iqbal felt the pain of Muslims. Their preference of comfortable life instead of practice was teasing Iqbal, she said.

A seminar was also organised at Government Degree College for Women, Dhoke Kala Khan. PML-N leader and Chairman Pakistan Green Task Force Dr Jamal Nasir was the chief guest on the occasion.