karachi - The government of Sindh has allotted 680 acres of land to Sachal Energy (Pvt) Ltd for a period of 30 years to establish 49.5MW wind energy project at Jhimpir, Sindh. The cost of the project is $133m.

The allotment of the land was signed in a ceremony held at the energy department on Wednesday. On behalf of the Alternate Energy Board, Government of Sindh, Shafqan Shah signed the document while Kashif Ansari, represented M/s Sachal Energy. The signing ceremony was attended by Secretary Energy Agha Wasif and Director, Alternate Energy Mehfooz Qazi.

M/S Sachal Energy (Pvt) Limited is establishing a 49.5MW Wind Energy project at Jhimpir, district Thatta. It has awarded the EPC contract to M/s Hyro China Xiebi, a Chinese Company engaged in the wind power development.

The project is included as one of top priority project for Pakistan China Economic Corridor last year. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is financing the project which would cost around 133 million US Dollars. The project will boost the socio-economic development of the province and recently created Bhambore Division.

The company signed the Power Purchase Agreement last week with NTDC and would start construction next month. The completion time of the project is 18 months.

Under the agreement, the company would supply 49.5MW power to the national grid for a period of 30 years up to 2044 and will provide 136 Gega watt Hours to the national grid. The project will contribute international commitments of the government to reduce the environmental degradation of the region.

The project is financed by Chinese state-owned bank. It is pertinent to mention here that Sindh had a great potential in the field of wind energy and up to now 50,000MW as been identified in the Jhimpir Gharo Wind Corridor.  

More than 40 companies are actively engaged in the province to develop 3000 MW power through wind.