ISLAMABAD- Pakistan and Afghanistan have a historic opportunity to reset long-fraught ties following the election of democratic governments in both countries, US ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson said Wednesday.

"I think there is quite genuinely a basis for a new relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Both sides are aware of this historical moment and making efforts to seize it," he said this in a speech at the National University of Sciences and Technology in Islamabad.

"Also I would say the actions of the Pakistani army in clearing the North Waziristan agency I think is a very important step in all of this," he added, referring to the military offensive which began in June.

The Ambassador reaffirmed the enduring U.S. commitment to Pakistan and the region, saying “The United States will remain engaged; we see our role in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the region as one of a sustained commitment that is in our own national security interest as well as that of the countries of the region.”