KASUR - People, especially the commuters living in different markets of Kasur are facing inconvenience due to encroachments established by vendors in front of their shops.

A survey conducted by this correspondent reveals that vendors in different markets of the district including Landa Bazaar, Naya Bazaar and Urdu Bazaar have encroached spaces in front of their shops by placing stocks or installing different stalls for sale. They also park their vehicles wherever a small place is available on roads, leaving narrow space for the pedestrians, commuters and motorists to pass through the markets. These encroachments are the main reason behind frequent traffic jams in these areas which also do not let the commuters and working people get their offices in time. Moreover, frequent visits of rickshaws and donkey-drawn-carts in the markets for transportation of goods are another problem for the people which sometime bring the traffic movement to zero.

Residents of the localities demanded DCO Ammara Khan to look into the matter and order officials concerned for removal of encroachments so that they could easily pass through the area.