LAHORE - Pakistan Awami Tehreek has termed ridiculous an international lending agency report on Pakistan’s economy, saying thje government badly failed to improve economy.

In a white paper, the Dr Tahirul Qadri’s party said the agricultural targets were not met and all the motorways and cultural heritage buildings had been pledged.

Huge foreign loans had been obtained by the sitting government in the name of so-called development projects, it stated, adding report was sponsored by the rulers and all the facts were false and fabricated.

PAT leaders Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, Dr SM Zameer, Basharat Jaspal and Sajid Mehmood Bhutta said that nine years ago the development rate was 7.5 which fell at 4.7 in 2016.

They said that reduced fiscal space will reduce public investment and the resultant increase in government borrowing may overshadow private investment.

“The agriculture sector showed poor performance in FY16. Malnutrition in Pakistan was the third highest stunting rate in the world. The low and stagnant investment rate shows the government's poor performance.

The ratio of investment to GDP is 15.6 percent as compared with an average rate in South Asia of 34 percent between 2010 and 2015 that is due to the energy shortages and poor business regulatory environment. Pakistan is placed in the category of countries like Ethiopia when it comes to education, human development and food. Out of 138 countries Pakistan is placed at 122, which is nothing less than shameful for us. Government had taken additional 13 billion dollars loans and now the Pakistan had to pay over than $73 billion foreign debt,” said the leaders.