KARACHI - The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has once again refused Pakistan Hockey Federation’s plea for writing-off the amount of 10 million given to them 16 years ago as “grant-in-aid”.

PCB, in second communication in few weeks, has reminded the PHF to pay back the amount to the board as PCB cannot write it off under the constitution.

In a letter  addressed to secretary PHF Shahbaz Ahmed, the PCB COO Subhan Ahmed has stressed that PCB’s board of governors have decided that the “Grant-in-Aid” cannot be written off.

“This matter (of writing off the money given to PHF) was deliberated in detail in the PCB governing board meeting held at Lahore on 8th November and it was decided that the loan cannot be written-off as Grand-in-Aid,” the letter reads.

“We therefore suggest that PCB discusses with PCB on the method and timeline for repayment of the loan,” it added.

PCB officials, while agreeing to the financial plight of the PHF, insist that PCB’s constitution doesn’t allow them to write off the loan and they have to adjust the amount to clear the pending audits. This is not the first time that PCB has asked the PHF to return the amount.

 However, despite repeated requests by PHF, the PCB didn’t attempt to entertain the controlling body of the national sport in the country. The amount was given to the PHF by PCB in 2000 when retired Lt Gen Tauqeer Zia was head of PCB.