LAHORE  - Pakistan Drug Lawyers Forum and Pakistan Young Pharmacist Association staged a demonstration outside Lahore Press Club yesterday to protest against alleged illegal increase in the prices of 41 medicines of Otsuka Pharma.  

Led by Noor Muhammad Mahar, Dr Hina Shaukat and Dr Zaheer Afzal, dozens of pharmacists from academia, hospital, drug inspectors, regulators, industry, consultants and lawyers gathered outside the LPC in the afternoon to protest against increase in drug prices.  

Carrying placards and banners inscribed with the demand of decreasing drug prices, the participants chanted slogans against Health Ministry officials and CEO DRAP Aslam Afghani.  

Noor Mahar said that DRAP and Federal Health Ministry have abused all the laws of conflict of interest by hiring Aslam Afghani as CEO DRAP as he was the owner of Otsuka Pharma.  

Dr Hina Shaukat said that “we wrote a number of letters to get details of bank accounts from where payment was made to purchase two Jeeps by Aslam Afghani”. She alleged that Jeeps were given as bribe by pharmaceutical companies.