LAHORE - This Season’s Philosophy of So kamal rolls around the Individual captivating styles that speak to your independent personality. You’re a Free Spirit, inspired by the world and the people around. You can express yourself with your fashion choices. As your wardrobe will have a collection of works of art from far flung places. Your adventurous spirit and strength of self inform you’re dressing and you have an ingenious knack for pulling a look together with a great accessory. You can be inventive, and favor versatile pieces that reflect however you’re feeling. Sophisticated choices for those who think and wear.

Followed by so kamal’s cuts in a very modish soul of fashion and style. The hues of winter spell merging with distinctive style of embroideries and surface, with a bit of floral along with the hint of mythical royalties.

This magic slides in comfortable and sheer fabrics of smooth Linen-Karandi and extra rich shawl material for the winter season.


Alongside with So kamal’s unique and boho chic Fusion kurti range, As they want you to shine and seem off-duty with effortlessly chic & Gorgeous in every way”

SO Dress up in the Spirit of So Kamal this season - Winter Collection 2016.