LAHORE: On November 11, International Iqbal Society (formerly DISNA) in collaboration with Lahore Arts Council arranged an event to celebrate the 140th birth anniversary of Allama Iqbal at Alhamra.

International Iqbal Society has one of the biggest organically grown Facebook pages in Pakistan named, “Allama Iqbal” with almost eight million people attached to it. This helped them attracting a jam pack hall of Iqbal lovers from different cities to attend this programme.

The first session started with the National Anthem of Pakistan followed by recitation of Holy Quran. Then started a panel discussion on the topic, "Stability of Pakistan's Society in the light of Iqbal's thoughts". Zahid Shamsi (Director, International Iqbal Society) was the moderator while Amjad Saqib (Chairman Akhuwat), Tahir Hameed Tanoli (Director Research, Iqbal Academy Pakistan) and Sarosh Alamgir (Iqbal Scholar) were the panelists. The panelists not only highlighted the current situation of economy, politics and education but also gave solutions to make them better in the light of Iqbal's thoughts.

Session two, which was also hosted by Zahid Shamsi started off with a performance of Kalaam-e-Iqbal by Alhamra Unplugged Team which was followed by poetic renditions. Syed Hasnain Mohsin, Hameeda Shaheen, Capt (retired) Atta Muhammad Khan and Gulzar Bokhari were the poets who paid tribute to Allama Iqbal.

The audience were left amused by rendition of Kalaam-e-Iqbal by the trio of Soz band from LUMS. Finally, came the keynote speech on the topic, "The role of an exemplary man in the development and stability of an ideal society". The keynote speech was delivered by Prof Dr Moeen Nizami, Professor of Persian Language at LUMS and an authority on Iqbaliat.

Umer Raza (President, International Iqbal Society) distributed the souvenirs to the participants. After that he concluded the programme by thanking all the participants, partners, singers, poets and scholars with a promise to hold regular educational activities on Iqbaliat throughout the year.