islamabad - Department of Archaeology and Museums, National History and Literary Heritage Division will resume survey of archaeological sites in the federal capital by December, which was halted due to unavailability of funds.

The first-ever archaeological survey was initiated by the Department of Archaeology and Museums to find potential sites in 5 zones of Islamabad for excavation, preservation and documentation, and saving the precious heritage for future generations.

The project of conducting archaeological survey in the capital, at the cost of Rs2 million, was approved by National Fund for Cultural Heritage (NFCH) to address the threat of endangered sites and monuments due to climate changes and construction, the department’s Assistant Director Mahmoodul Hassan said. The team of archaeological experts from the department has so far identified 30 ancient archaeological sites and monuments in Zone IV of the capital with the funds worth Rs1 million released at that time. The survey was stopped soon after utilisation of the whole amount and now the survey will restart after acquiring rest of Rs1 million which will be utilised for survey work as well as publication of the identified sites.

Hassan said that the survey was being carried out by archaeological experts who had divided Islamabad into 5 zones, and the objective behind the survey was to conserve the endangered archaeological sites and monuments.

The team conducting the survey is comprised of archaeological experts, photographers, draftsmen and other staff members, who are recording the details of the sites for documentation and finding potential sites for excavation.

The assistant director said that the discoveries so far made in Zone IV included historical monuments, worship places of Sikhs before partition, mosques of the Mughal period, remains of the Buddhist period and memorial of the British period wars, in the zone.