KARACHI-There is nothing which evokes a more reassuring sense of comfort, in a person, than being at her own place which she calls home.

Although for a victim of domestic abuse their home is anything but a place for warmth and safety.

Battered woman (wife) syndrome is a psychological condition that can result when a person experiences abuse, mostly at the hands of her partner.

This line ‘Rivaaj’ by designer TalhaBatla ,Hilal Silk, talks about such woman, who is going through her daily struggle. Broken, bruised and battered features are obvious but she is trying to hide that aspect of her life from the world. Wiping her tears and putting a fake smile on her face pretending as if nothing ever happened.

Not only is she trying to hide the physical abuse but also the emotional and physiological wounds encountered from these traumatic events.

White Ribbon Pakistan, an NGO working for women’s rights in Pakistan reported that 4,734 women faced sexual and physical violence between 2004 and 2016. 51,241 cases of domestic violence were reported between January 2011 and June 2017 according to the media reports but these are just the ones that are reported.

More than half of the domestic abuse cases are not reported as they are considered a private issue. Generally, it is the fear of retaliation from the abusive partner that prevents them from seeking help. These women fail to understand that domestic violence is not a private issue but it is a criminal offence. Protection of women against Violence Bill was passed in Punjab Assembly in 2015.

Talking to this scribe, Talha said: “By failing to speak out against domestic abuse, we are condoning it. Let our iconic culture, grand heritage, deep rooted family values, mesmerizing music and beautiful apparel be our societal Rivajand not domestic abuse.”

BLUB-More than half of the domestic abuse cases are not reported as they are considered a private issue.