Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has informed the Supreme Court that despite its clear directives, 21 federal government departments are still operating in residential areas of the federal capital. The CDA has submitted a list of 21 government departments in the Supreme Court in a matter related to the nonconforming use of the residential buildings. The report says that 24 government offices have removed their offices from residential areas and remaining 21 are under shifting process. Out of 21, eight houses are occupied by NESCOM.

It is also told that three departments namely NADRA, Safe Blood Transfusion Service Project and ministry of foreign affairs have requested extension for couple of months to run their offices in the residential areas.

The CDA has also informed the SC that resistance is being faced in taking action against guest houses as they are advised by their counsels that their cases are pending in Islamabad High Court and CDA cannot take action against them. However, so far, the civic agency has sealed 5 guest houses and 19 hostels since June 27.

Likewise, it is further informed that the special branch police have conducted a survey of the guest houses established in the residential areas and list has been forwarded to inspector general of police (IGP) for taking action against them.

It is also told that sealing operation of the premises against violators is ongoing and 56 premises have been sealed since June 27. Total number of premises sealed stand now at 314. The report further states that as result of ongoing campaign, the violators continue to voluntarily bring their properties into conforming use. So for 715 premises have been voluntarily brought into conforming use by the owners /occupants. The total number of nonconforming properties has now reduced to 664 out of 1,695. These include mostly schools, guest houses, clinics and offices of the professionals mainly lawyers. The CDA has also started action against media houses and they have started compliance of the Supreme Court’s order and a TV channel has requested for time due to shifting of their requirements from the office established in G-6/4.