ISLAMABAD - Although MQM-Pakistan and MQM-London are ostensibly at loggerheads with each other, yet both the factions believe that Mustafa Kamal-led PSP will not flourish further.

Whereas Mustafa Kamal is optimistic about the bright future of PSP and thinks his party members will prove as dark horses in the general elections 2018.

Both the MQM-Pakistan and MQM-London, directly targeted by Mustafa Kamal in recent past, are of the opinion that PSP is now on ‘ventilator’.

Pakistan Sarzameen Party (PSP), formally launched on 23 March 2016, has attracted some of the main MQM members and workers in five months but it has apparently lost its popularity.

Mustafa Kamal, former mayor of Karachi, was planning to visit all around the country to get support of the people but this program is yet to materialize. “His criticism against both the factions of MQM has also not been witnessed for the last some months,” said a political guru, commenting on the PSP.

Talking to The Nation, Mustafa Kamal was seen optimistic to grab more members in his party very soon. “The party is flourishing very fast at grass-roots level,” said the PSP chief.

PSP’s council committees have been established in different places and this process would further continue, he remarked. About MQM-London, he said all of his predictions and claims have proved right.

The controversial remarks of MQM’s founder Altaf Hussain have rightly proved what Pakistan Sarzameen Party (PSP) wants to convey to masses.

Whereas MQM-Pakistan thinks that Mustafa Kamal has got everything on plate on the 22nd of August. “Even when he was unable to gather support for his anti-Altaf Hussain narrative that he was asked to pitch by those who wanted to divide the Muhajirs,” said a senior MQM-Pakistan member Ali Raza Abidi while talking to The Nation.

Abidi further commented about party that it is on a ventilator waiting for the plug to be pulled.

Talking to The Nation, Wasay Jalil, a senior member from MQM-London, remarked that those who will work on the parole of establishment will hardly get success in the rank and file. “Those who will work on the parole of establishment will not get success,” he commented on PSP’s future.

Mustafa Kamal, after launching ‘Pak Sarzameen Party’, visited some of major cities of the country with an aim to further grow his splinter faction but still the party’s presence is only in Karachi.

“My party (PSP) is getting extraordinary response even beyond my expectation, so I am planning to visit other major cities in coming days,” Mustafa Kamal had said after launching his party.