MULTAN-The faithful brought out 82 processions of Alam and Zuljinnah from different areas of Multan on Tuesday, the 9th of Muharram, which assembled up in Mumtazabad to constitute historic 9th Muharram procession.

The participants of the processions commemorated the sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), family members and companions and dispersed peacefully in the evening.

The law enforcement agencies offered a three-layer security shield to the processions to avert any untoward incident as heavy contingents were deployed on the routes of all processions while roads leading to the venues of congregations (majalis) were also blocked by the district police. Dozens of mobile cameras connected to a central control room set up at the CPO office were installed at different spots in Multan district to keep secret eye on anti-social elements.

The historic 9th Muharram procession came out of Imambargah Mumtazabad. Out of total 82 processions, as many as 40 were brought out by the license-holders while remaining 42 were historic ones. The participants of the processions carried out self-flagellation with sharp knives mounted on chains, swords and blades besides beating their chests.

Meanwhile, the historic Ustadwala and Shagirdwala tazias were also put on display at Inside Pak Gate and Khooni Burj respectively. The Ustadwala tazia is 200 years old and Shagirdwala 70. Similarly, the other historic tazias of Multan including Pir Laal Bakhsh, Kiri Patolian, Allah Bakhshwala and others were also put on display.

They day past peacefully as no untoward incident took place. The district administration said that the routes of the Muharram 10th processions were being swept with the help of sniffing dogs and latest explosive-detection gadgets. Similarly, Army and Rangers will also be available in case of any emergency.

Meanwhile, the police have declared over 100 spots sensitive for Youm-e-Ashur in Multan. Police sources said that additional force will be deployed at these highly sensitive spots today.