ISLAMABAD -  The government tax collection from petroleum levy increased to Rs 159 billion during 2015-16, which was 21 percent higher as compared to Rs131 billion for the subsequent fiscal year.

The Finance Ministry’s budgetary operation for the last fiscal year revealed a 39 percent higher tax collection through Gas Infrastructure Development Cess (GIDC) during the last fiscal year as compared to a year ago.

The GIDC collection for last fiscal year was recorded Rs 79.7 billion as compared to Rs 57 billion for 2014-15. There was an increase of 22 percent in tax collection on account of Natural Gas Surcharge after last fiscal year collection increased to Rs 32 billion from Rs 25.8 billion for 2014-15. The revenue of the federal government from Public Sector Enterprise (PSEs) and others increased to Rs.57.744 billion during the last fiscal year from Rs.14.190 million a year ago earlier.

The revenue collection from dividend increased Rs.88.545 billion during the last fiscal year from Rs.74.101 billion in 2014-15 and profits from Post Office Department/ PTA to Rs.34.342 billion from Rs.3.685 billion.

The government revenue from passport fee also increased to Rs.20.823 billion from Rs.18.730 billion and others to Rs.88.402 billion from Rs53.2 billion.

The government revenue on account of mark-up (provinces) decreased to Rs.9.753b during the last fiscal year as compared to Rs.12.930b in 2014-15. Revenue from defence on account of CSF fell to Rs.107.7b from Rs.157.088b and surplus profit of SBP to Rs.227.894 billion from Rs.399 billion.

The government revenue collection on account of royalties on oil/gas fell to Rs.57.749 billion from Rs.74.091 billion during the period over review, windfall levy against crude oil Rs.1.633 billion from Rs.12.169 billion. The revenue collection on account of discount retained on crude price stood at Rs.9.108 billion during 2015-16 as compared to Rs.9.678 billion a year ago.