ISLAMABAD - Syed Ali Zafar, President of the Supreme Court Bar Association has expressed deep concern over ongoing tension between bench and bar, following the cancellation of the licences of the two lawyers.

He said that any act of violence or misconduct by lawyers in the courtroom must be strongly condemned and as per the law, strict action should be taken against them. A lawyer is supposed to uphold the dignity of the profession and respect of the courts.

Barrister Syed Ali Zafar, however, further stated that the cancellation of a lawyer's licence by the judiciary, despite its positive intent, means compromising the independence of the bar and such power in the hands of the judges can be misused in future scenarios. And this situation must be avoided at all costs. The power to cancel a lawyer's licence is and should not be available to the judges.

The correct procedure to follow is to file a complaint against the lawyers concerned before the Bar Council Committee, the forum decreed by the law to deal with such matters. He said: "If this issue is not resolved, I can foresee serious consequences to the legal system and so the SCBA will surely play its role in trying to settle the matter amicably."

He suggested that the court should henceforth withdraw the cancellation of the licences and let the disciplinary committee of the bar council do its job. He said it is in the interest of the lawyer community to clean up their own house and the Supreme Court Bar Association will ensure that appropriate action will be taken by the Bar Council Committee against those found guilty.